Fonts and point sizaes Mac/PC Part III

I’ve been talking about print fonts, postscript mostly. Although TrueType was introduced as an alternative, the Printing industry didn’t embrace it, and when printing was the only way to get information out, you did what they said. The best advice that I ever got was to talk to the Printer, to know what was best. they could tell you how best to set up cards, or a book, so that it would work well with them.

Now, adays, many people who used to print out booklets and database, do something called “Print on Demand” where they create PDF’s, that people can download and print out themselves. Books are being distributed this was as well.

With the advent of the web, however, we are faced with the grim fact that although PCs and Macs has come to be very alike (as I said earlier), the way they render type on the screen is different. The Mac renders everything at 72 dpi and the PC at 96dpi. This usually doesn’t make any difference, if you are just doing thing for print, because the print will come out the right size, and people won’t know what they looked like on the screen. However, when you are working for websites, and you want fonts to look the same across platforms, you run into problems. On the screen, the fonts look smaller on the Mac and larger on the PC. (Of course, this is why you always test on both platforms, and as many browsers as you can, despite the fact that 95% of the world views the web in Microsoft IE on the PC).

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