Fonts and point sizaes Mac/PC Part II

More thoughts on Fonts

Before the web became big, most people didnt’ think about point sizes, unless they were doing desktop publishing, or design, or something where they had to set type. As I said yesterday, I knew about fonts, because I had to set them for a newspaper I was on. And, when PageMaker came out from Aldus (may they rest in peice, since stopped supporting it.)

I learned how to use page layout on the computer, actually, in MacDraw, before PageMaker even came into existance. My first newsletter was done on the first Mac, that came out in 1994. Then, when PageMaker came out, I stuck with it up until version 5. I even wrote a book about 5 for Sybex, which is long out of print. Quark ate them up and spit them out, and has remained the ruler since then.

So what does all this have to go with fonts? Well, anyone using desktop publishing programs had to work with fonts, and font sizes and and know which font looked good where. My creative director could tell what font was used on anything (she was well trained at art school), and I miss being able to tap her for that power. Now adays, I have to rely on MyFonts “What the font?!”, to figure out what font was used, or simplly asking a client, because now adays, when you ask them, they can usually tell you what font they used, unlike 20 years ago, when they would give you a blank look.

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