Fonts and point sizaes Mac/PC Part 1

Back when the Mac was the only machine that could create printable publications (when desktop publishing was in it’s infancy), no one really cared about font sizes or font names, or anything like that. I started out working on newspapers, so we had to know about fonts, but that was because we had to send everything out to be typeset. When desktop publishing came into existance, people could print their own type. In fact, one of my first jobs was with an art director who didn’t quite get how revolutionary this new fangled print-setting was. He used to write up a headline, print it out, then past it into a box that he had drawn and photostat it into an ad. Of course, that was because they hadn’t figured out how to get logos into the computer. I was hired to do that. Back in the mid-1980s, if you asked someone for their logo, they would give you a stat sheet of verious sizes to cut up and past down.

So what is my point? Well, now people do notice fonts. And they do notice point sizes. If used to be that people would say, make it bigger or smaller. Now, cliencts say “Oh, make it two points smaller.” There is a song by Ani DiFranco where she says something in one of her songs about “, just throwing it into the song, as though it is part of the language. (Although the song is a very pointent one about how e dig up the past and just roll over it. Of course, there is no font of teriakyi, as far as I know.

And Laura Love’s album a while back was called “Helvetica Bold”. Of course, there was nothing on her album, other than the name, but it is interesting that she thought to name it that. I wonder what it meant to her.

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