Flypost, a site I can’t send you to yet

This is something I can’t point you to, because although they were promoting themselves on the Chris Evan’s Show on BBC2, they don’t quite have their website up. The company, Flypost are set up to send land mail.. Now, while that may not sound to interesting, what they have set up is a service (or will set up once their website is up and running, that will allow you to email a letter, which they would print out on nice stationary, or something like that, and then mail in the local country. It would cost less then sending a letter by overseas mail and would get there sooner, at least that was what it sounded like they were saying, as I said, their site isn’t up, so I can’t double check.

They also mentioned that they would be doing this in other countries, so that if you were in the UK, and wanted your letter sent from the U.S., you could use the service to send it locally.

Chris Evans said, well, at that point, why don’t you just send an email, but they said there were some things for which an email would be too formal.

It sounds cool. But since they don’t even have their website up, they obviously hadn’t forethought their planning well.

Chris mentioned on the air that he would like to invest in them, but I wouldn’t. I mean, they should have at least put up some info on their home page, at least.

It doesn’t take that much to do that.

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