Flipboard is all that.

Up until I installed Flipboard, I thought of the iPad, I got for my birthday, last month, was just a iTouch on steroids. Nice to have, but what was the point. Then, I was reading the Silicon Valley Business Journal and saw the headline touting how wonderful  Flipboard was. How it made the iPad as good as it was.  Plus it was free.

So, I downloaded it, and was totally blown away.

Before Flipboard, all the stuff I had seen was really just larger iPhone stuff, and I was unimpressed. But Flipboard takes everything you are interested in, and puts it all together, and easy to read. I love what they did with Facebook, for example. Instead of seeing the beginnings of links about articles, all the articles appear as though you are reading a magazine. Same thing with twitter. It makes going through sites so much easier, and even includes Huffington Post (which has also redesigned its reader for the iPad).

Now, it makes it all worth it.

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