Flash in mobile phones

The San Jose Mercury News wrote about how Adobe is trying to put Flash into mobile phones. They have it in a few phones, apparently, but they want to have it as ubiquitous as they do on the web.

This is not too far fetched. Time was when I remember having to tell clients not to use Flash because most people couldn’t access it. Now Flash is on almost all browsers, and the only reason people might not use Flash is because they have nothing to say in it, and want to say it a lot.

But Flash works on the iphone, and a few other phones, but as the article explains that each mobile phone technology, making it difficult to tweak for each phone.

But knowing Adobe, they will get it to work. I have faith. I have done a few web pages, (WAPs) for clients, and I expect in the future I will be offering Flash there as an option too.

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