Fire is not going to be updated, and now Yahoo will make it obsolete

Ever since I was told about the IM client, Fire, for the Mac, I have been using it. Not all my clients and friends are on Yahoo. Some are on MSN, some are on AIM, and although I even have some on Google and Skype, this was good enough, as it was a catchall for most of them.

And I knew Fire wasn’t going to updated. They stopped supporting in last year.I have tried to use Adium, the heir apparent, but don’t like it as much, so I figured I would just stick it out, and stay with what I had.

But Yahoo has other ideas. I am now getting alerts that Yahoo IM, version 5.6 will no longer be supported, as of April 2.  What a pain.

So, now I guess, since Yahoo is where most of my contacts are, I’ll be forced to move over to Adium. There really isn’t anything wrong with Adium, other than, for some reason, it doesn’t log into my AIM account. I just hate the idea of having to have three or for IM windows open, because one client does almost all.

At least I don’t have to have several phones… wait, I do.

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