Finding your audience on your blog

If i were to go by the most frequently searched items on my blog, I would spend every blog post writing about Illustrator and converting colors, Adium and the iPhone. But I don’t do that, and thus I am a bad blogger. I tend to write about things that affect me at the moment I am writing them. To me, they all connect together. They all have to do with my work, and my job, and observations of both.

But my randomness makes reading the blog makes it hard to gain a steady audience, and that is where I am at a loss. I think I would have a hard time following a blog such as mine. For example, I got to “Comics I don’t Understand”, because mostly, that is what it is about, although sometimes he does a Meta Post. I also go to “Mary Worth and me” because it is all about making fun of Mary Worth. I wouldn’t want to go there to read about Pluggers.

I would find it boring if I only wrote about one thing though. I have even started a second blog where I ramble on about things that I don’t think anyone would be interested in. Strangely, it has been getting hits. Who would have known.

So, I guess this is just one more of my posts saying why I write the way I do, and hoping that someone out there doesn’t mind that I don’t stay on topic, although to me, I do.

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