Finally upgrading to CS3, and not

I purchased CS3  a while back, when it first came out, but only installed it this week when Dreamweaver 8, which had been plodding along, quitting on me, and giving me errors where there were none, gave up the ghost.  I had purchased CS3 Design Premium, which contained nearly every thing I worked with, but not quite. For some reason, Adobe felt that either people were print designers or were web designers, and packaged their suites accordingly. I settled on Design, but it didn’t have Fireworks, which I use a lot with Dreamweaver

So, I figured, I could, because I owned a legal copy of Fireworks, just buy that as a single product, and buy the design premium by itself (which contained InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver) I had been through this before, when the CS suite first started, having to buy Acrobat on its own, until it was sold as part of the bundle. Even if I had brought Production Premium, it wouldn’t have come with InDesign, which is sort of a silly thing not to have if you are doing production. Adobe must have a different version of production than I do.  The only bundle that had it all was the Master Collection, and it had stuff I didn’t need.

So, I installed CS3, with no problems, and then installed Fireworks, only to find that it wouldn’t take my old serial number from Studio 8. I called Adobe three or four times (I lost track as I was also calling an ISP for a client, who was having a problem that never seemed to be resolved). Each time, I was told something else to try to make it work, until one of the help-desk people told me that I couldn’t get here from there. I couldn’t upgrade because, even though I had had the individual program, that I could only upgrade from individual program to individual program.

I was so annoyed at that point, I thanked him, and hung up. Great, I had spent $149 on a program that I couldn’t upgrade. I could return it, and then buy the full version, if I wanted to, and I may eventually do that, but it makes no sense. I have always been able to upgrade products, even if I bought it as a bundle.

Adobe, you are wrong on two counts. You should have let me upgrade, and you should have sold a more logical package for those who are production artists, or design;/production artists. your packaging doesn’t make sense to me, except to make money, I guess.


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