Finally, MS Office upgrading for the Mac

I don’t love MS Office. If anything, I only use it because I have so many PC clients, who do use it. I get jobs from PC clients who want Word to look like it was done in Quark, or InDesign. Something pretty. And I do so, and go on to the next project. Or a client wants a PowerPoint job.

But MS Office on the Mac hasn’t been updated since 2004, while the PC version got an upgrade recnetly. That usually means something will not translate, and I have heard of this happening, though I haven’t, thankfully run into. This is not to say I won’t, so I was glad to see that Microsoft is planning to come out with Office 2008. About time.

I’m not looking forward so much to all the bells and whistles. I have never been impressed with Word, at least, and each time it is updated it becomes more of a juggernaut, unwieldy and cluttered.  The only thing I am looking for is that it translates well back and forth, between PC and Mac, which is what we are being promised.

Now, to just get my hands on the product. It is supposed to ship sometime between now and the end of the year. Let’s see if it does. Microsoft of set up a nice little demo page for it, to show it off, as we are so used to seeing with Mac products. But until it actually comes out, it is hard to say what it will look like, though, as I wandered about the web, looking for any information, I did come across a few sites that had a beta they were willing to show off.

All I ask for, if truth be told, is something that opens quickly, saves quickly and isn’t 3 mgs every time I add anything to it.

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