Finally buying a color printer

Once, it wasn’t necessary to have a color printer. Back, when I started in graphic design, things were mostly done in black and white until you got to the printing stage, when you told the printer what the colors would be. 

When I started as a freelancer, I found that I needed a printer, a good printer, but not a color printer. Most of the things I did were emailed, or faxed, and black and white was fine.  I had a good little workhouse black and white HP 4000. It churned out books and papers and no one minded that it was all in black and white.

But then, I found the just as people had gotten spoiled with good crisp black and white layouts, they were no getting and expecting beautiful color comps. And people were writing emails with colors calling out changes, and print that you had to see the colors on. So, I finally broke down and bought another laser printer, color this time. An HP 3800.

What a difference this has made. I am quite spoiled myself now. I print out pieces in color, and know where the color is to go when I work on it. I print out comps, and the clients feel like they are getting the finished pieces. I print out emails and can see all the details. I didn’t realize what a difference it made until I printed out some instructions, and my client said I should mark what was going to be red or blue, and I said, oh I printed it out in color, so I can see what is what.

And as I said yesterday, it certainly impresses my clients when they see it all in color, all mocked up.


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