Fetch 5.3

I love using Fetch. It has many advantages over using the file transfer in Dreamweaver, the biggest one being that I can have several Fetch windows open at the same time, and thus several websites open, that I can move files into. That is the one fallback of Dreamweaver in that, although I can have tons of pages open, I can only have one website open at a time. Sometimes all I want to do is update a single page, but I don’t want to open and close my site with Dreamweaver. That is where Fetch comes in handy.


For the past month or so, perhaps longer, Fetch has been letting me know there was an update, but I have ignored it. Finally, today, I downloaded it. It has one cool feature that it didn’t have before, that is well worth the time of downloading and reinstalling (not that that was that hard).

The icons are all new and shiny, which is typical of what happens when programs are updated these days, but what I found most interesting was a new button that they didn’t have before, at least not one I recognized called "web view".Webview
If you select a web page, and click on web view, a web page will open with the page in a browser. That way you can be sure that the page you want is the right page. This saves you from having to open it in Dreaweaver (you don’t even have to download it. This works with gif and jpg files as well.

Very nifty. Well worth the minute or two it takes to download. If you don’t own Fetch, it is $25 to buy the software and it is $15 to upgrade.

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