Favorite writier leaves Newspaper

Dean Takahashi is leaving the San Jose Mercury News. The good news is that he is going to Venture Beat, so, unlike the old days, when a writer left, you couldn’t read him, I will still be able to. Cool deal.

I find I am becoming more and more a fan of the blogs, though i still love newsprint. I love reading at the table with my breakfast, but i find, as I said before, that I have to carry my paper to my computer to get the whole gist of the article. It is nice, when reading on the web, that all I have to do is open up a new tab to get the rest of the story.

So now, that just leaves Gary Richards. If he leave, then I will drop my subscription and only read that paper on-line, as I can get all the comics, and news on the web now, and without good-writers, it is just wire stories anyway.

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