Fab Friday Fun Sites

The problem with wandering around to time-wasting sites (or well-written ones) is that you can’t get your work done. At least I can’t get my work done. So I don’t have as large a list as I might, but they are fun, believe me.

  • This one came from the closed list I’m on. Library Stories, as I will call it, since it’s true title is rather to racy for this blog, reminds me of when I was working for the library when I was in college. Things haven’t changed that much, except that now there are patrons that can annoy you about how the internet works. *sigh*. I’m glad I don’t work for the library any more.
  • Girls Read Comics This is interesting to me, because of course, I do read comics (even now), and I find it fascinating to see what others have to say about it.
  • Unnecessary Quotation Marks-This one is cool, because, even though I read "Eats Shoots and Leaves" I am still surprised at how people can mishandle simple punctuation. There is always Language Log out there, but it isn’t quite as light, and is much more academic for my tastes.

And that is it for today, because that should keep you busy for a loooong time. Have fun.

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  • willethompson Says:

    Re: “Quotes” – I saw that site mentioned in the local paper and checked it out. Then, oddly, a few days later, someone on the joshreads blog included a link to a review on Zero Punctuation for the Halo 3 game which included a very quick image of “finger quotin’ Margo” flying by. That was so meta it was downright circular.

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