Extra Curricular Activities

All work and now play…so what do you do? I have mentioned before that it is important to have other things in your life besides work.

Back in 1999, when we all thought the Y2K bug would take down the world, I started looking for other things to do with my time that did not involve working in front of a computer. I thought I would take up weaving, but weaving takes up quite a bit of room, and there was only one shop in the area that carried looms, and taught the classes. I did put the loom together, but beyond getting an infected toe becase I ran into it in the middle of the night, I did not use it.

So, what do I do with my spare time (or not so spare time). I have mentioned before that I knit. Knitting it actually very calculating, as you get into more complicated projects, and so although it is non-computer, in a way it is. I am always tring to figure out ways to modify patterns to get slightly different looks.

And then there is morris dancing. This too looks as though it is using the other side of the brain, but some of the more complicated moves are calculated as well.

The final thing I do is have a radio show. I have been doing it since 1989. I do it once a week, as once again, that seems like an anti-computer thing, and in a way it is, although I do like to pair up songs that are similar, or songs that talk about the same subjects, and things like that.

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