Everyone wants to be a Google killer

Every time I hear about the latest Google-killer, I think, good, perhaps something will come of it. This is not to say that I don’t like Google, but I am always intersted to see what people can come up with that is better.

The latest company is apparently Powerset which, when I first heard of it on KCBS, sounded rather like Ask.com, a site that would let you use natural language. I also read about in in an AP wire story.

Unfortunately, like that other site I was talking about last week, there is nothing to test yet.  I would love to be able to search and find results that were really what I wanted. I did, however, sign up for their beta testing. According their their blog, things are coming soon.

What I would really like, is a site that I can type in almost the right words, for example, a song, and the search engine will know what I am looking for, despite not being quite right. Of course it helps if the words are close, I suppose. I guess it couldn’t find how I heard Paul Simon’s song, Outragous wrong as "Whose going to love you when your lips are gone."

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