Eudora upgrades, again

Eudora, as do many software producers these days, lets you know when there is a new upgrade available. Since they are an email program provider, they have  it pop up in their email. So, when I got a notice the Eudora 6.2 was out, I thought, oh, OK, just another upgrade, and purchased it.

The first thing I noticed was that the emoticons were appearing as icons, instead of the symbols that one usually sees typed in. But poking around, I have discovered that there is more. There is now something called ScamWatch. (They already have a SpamWatch that puts spam in a junk folder.) This will show you what the true URL is of phishing emails that often look as thought they are legitimate, but are not at all. This is espeically important if you are using a browser such as IE, which doesn’t show you the true URL of these sorts of phishing scams. This is probably a good thing for people who do actually respond to unsolicited email, as this not only shows you the hidden URL, but also warns you that it might be a scam if you click on it.

For me though, the biggest thing will be the emoticons.

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