Emoticons are 25 years old

Last Wednesday, the S.J Merc’s business section had an A.P  article on the history of the smiley face, the emoticon that looks like this :-) . Apparently it is 25 years old.  The Carnegie Mellon professor who created it even has a web page on it.

And while I’m not doubting that he crated it, what I am wondering is where did the Japanese ones come from, and when. The Japanese version of a smiley face looks like this (^_^) which looks so much more like a face.

I find that I can’t do without them, myself, the English versions, as words can be misunderstood so much in IMs and in emails. Although some think you shouldn’t use them in email if you are doing business I find that a lot of my clients use them all the time.

I think we would be lost without them.

So, here’s to the emoticons. I’m glad they exist.

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