E-books, here they come?

I believe someone once said that e-books would not be come popular until you could take them into the bath tub with you.

For me, it would be the shower. Make the e-book better than a paper book. Make it so I can read while taking a shower. Some people want to listen to the radio or watch a show. Me, I would like to be able to read the New Yorker, which I read while brushing my teeth before taking a shower, in the shower as well.

The reason I bring up the e-book is because it was discussed in a recent business page of the Mercury News. The article said that the reason the book hadn’t been popular in  the past was because the list of books for the device was limited.

I like the quote

"Digital readers are not a replacement for a print book; they are a replacement for a stack of print books," said Ron Hawkins, vice president for portable reader systems at Sony.

That is the use of it. Having your whole library to carry around with you.

For me, it would be to get the out of print books, the ones you couldn’t get in dead-tree version anymore. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some books wouldn’t have to go out of print? They could be come availabe on the e-books when the stopped being published.

But of course, they still wouldn’t contained the library of unwritten books, mentioned in Sandman.

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