Dropload is Great

As so often happens, I will read about something, somewhere, such as MacWorld, (the dead tree version, as I can’t find mention of it online) and save the article to check it out more. I did this the other day with DropLoad, because I felt I had the need for such a service.

And so I did. Today. But first, a little more about Dropload. Dropload is a website that allows you to send large files, up to 100mb, to anyone, once. The recipient is notified that the file is there, and then you can go and download it. Sounds simple. There is no charge, since they have Google ads on their download pages, and apparently that pays for the service. You don’t need to register to receive files, just to get them.

So, today, Saturday, a client tries to send me a file. I have a Yahoo account for files of 10mg, but this file is larger than that. We think and think, and then I remember the article I read, and point it her way. Sure enough, it works like a charm, and I now have the file, and my client is happy. She registered on the site, uploaded the file, entered my email address, and then when I got notified, I downloaded the file. Very cool, very easy to do.

Thanks you to Dropload and to Macworld for mentioning them.

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