Dreamweaver CS3 Tips

One of the things I loved about Dreamweaver is that it doesn’t rewrite code. It just doesn’t. Even when it is asp, even when it is php. It just short of shrugs its shoulders and says "OK, whatever you want. Let me know if you want me to help, I’ll just be over here, waiting."

So silly me, when I got the new Dreamweaver CS3, form Adobe, I was all, oh, look at all the cool things it can do, I went into preferences and found something that would fix bad code. It would fix thing that were missing closing code. Wow, I thought, this is for me. I often miss code, and thought, great, this will be able to find it.

Then, I started noticing that one of the site I work on, a php site, started not working right. I had to keep putting in extra code all the time, at the end. What was going on. And it kept asking me if I wanted pages fixed, and of course I said yes, but it made things worse. This went on for a good two weeks, of being frustrated, before I put two and two together, and realized what was happening, and turned off the feature. Bam, all the rewriting was gone, and the pages didn’t get all jumbled up anymore.

So, sort of like Word, which wants to do things for you, weather you want them done or not, Dreamweaver, if given the power, can also turn to the dark side. So don’t let it.

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