Does it run on my computer?

I don’t know if I am just getting older, or what, but I used to save the comic section for last. These days, it is the business section I read last, and enjoy the most. And I have mentioned before, The San Jose Mercury News has an excellent business section.

But the one thing I hate is when reviews don’t say which platform something will work on. I was so happy when I read a recent Antonucci column on a website that would let you know if a computer program would run on your computer.

First thing I noticed, once I went there, however, was that it only works for PCs. I suppose it works well. I wouldn’t know, having a Mac, but when I tried to run it even though it said it would only work on PCs, it did give very good feedback. Pity that they didn’t think to make something like this for the Mac. Macs are still the poor step child when it comes to things like games and it would be cool to know which ones would work with your system.

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