Does Adobe CS3 Updater really work?

I have been writing in this blog about how much I like Adobe CS3, but I haven’t written about something that has been bothering me, and I haven’t found the answer to yet. The question is ‘Does the CS3 Updater actually work?"

I used to use the old updater all the time, and loved it. It would update the Adobe program I was using, and then I would have the latest version again. For some reason, no matter what I tell this program, it keeps trying to update a program I don’t have in the suite, and then it freezes, or hangs, or just doesn’t move forward. I tried removing the whole thing at one time, but it came back. I tried clicking only the things I wanted to update, but it went ahead and tried to do what it had done before, something called "Start Meeting 1.01."

I am not interested in Start Meeting, I have not checked Start Meeting, and have no idea what Start Meeting even is, but I wish it wasn’t.

So, this is my complaint, and if anyone know how to fix it, I would be glad to hear of it.

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