Digital Picture Frames, how cool are they?

Back when I had time to write science fantasy novels, I wrote about a frame that would change the picture as the person whose photo had been taken, aged. Digital picture frames are very close to that, depending on which one you get.

My partner, who I just gave my old digital camera to, was all excited when she first saw digital picture frames being advertised. She wanted to take a photo and somehow get it into a frame and give it to her best friend. To me, that made no sense, because you could do that with any frame and camera. But I wasn’t able to explain that to her completely, so I am quite glad that Dean Takahashi wrote about digital picture frames in the San Jose Mercury News Business section on Monday.

Quick aside on Dean. I love everything he writes. He is one of those reporters that I hope they never lay off (as they have so many others), because he makes reading the Mercury fun. That and Gary Richards of Road Show.

Oh, yes, digital picture frames.  The basic gist of Dean’s article is that you need to plug the frames in, you need to either put the photos on a card, or pay a service so that you can send the photos to the frames (which is very cool), or you can use a usb connection to get the photos in.

The funny part, is that only at the end, does he mention the power cords, something they never show in the advertising for the things.  Interesting that in a power outage, which we have up here in the mountains every winter, that you would lose just one more thing, the photos of your loved ones, until the power came back.

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