Designing Mice

I was going to write about Ergonomic Mice, but after looking at what was out there, I thought what I should be writing about is mice for designers. A mouse can be ergonomic,a nd still make it hard for someone to draw with.

Who would have thought, when they did think of designing, that they would have to worry about their input device. My grandmother, a painter herself, and who worked for Disney, before they went all computer, painting cells, could never get the hang of the computer. She loved the idea of a computer, though they were wonderful for getting things done, but hated having to hold something that felt like pack of cigarettes to draw with.

I have tried Logitech, Kensington, and the mouse that came with my Mac. I have finally steeled on Wacom, after chatting with some of my clients who are also designers (whom I subcontract with). There is a little quiz on the Wacom site to see which tablet is best and I keep coming up with the Intuos2 4 x5. Good thing, because that is what I ended up buying.

The Wacom mouse is fine, and I like the feel and the shape, but it is using the pen that is taking a little bit of time to get used to. I suppose if I keep practicing, I’ll get it. Now all I have to figure out is what people do with it when they are typing. It is awkward for me to have to keep putting it back in it’s holder every time I go back to the keyboard.

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