Delivering Files

A client of mine asked for help in upgrading her system the other day. She had been running on a Mac 9600 (a good little workhorse in it’s day) and wanted to know what she could transfer to her new G4. We deiced that it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a new scanner and black and white printer, because trying to find the drivers and figuring out a way to make the work with OS 10.3.9 would be a pain. Then we came to the zip drive. I asked her what she would want a zip drive for these days? She wanted to be able to deliver jobs. I told her that I either burn a CD these days or I just email or used "You Send it" to send files.

There are several reasons that people might still use zip files, but she didn’t seem to have a reason for any of them. I use them to transfer files between my Mac and PC, because they are not on the same network, but she had a network to do that with her other computers. It used to be used for sending files to print shops, but since CDs can hold so much more, as can DVDs, it seems a bit of a pain to even try. And if you really want to hold information in a rewritable media, you can always use a flash drive that plugs into the USB ports of most computers.

She decided to get a Flash drive in the end.

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