Daylight Savings vs Summer Time

I have heard that people didn’t need to create time zones until the advent of the railroad. And according this this page, it all began, in the US and Canada at least (how north american of me) in 1883. Because, with the railroad, people could travel further than a days journey by horse, they began to notice that the sun wasn’t setting at the right time. And of course, to make the trains run on time, you need to have standard times.

Anyway, during WWI and WWII, daylight savings time was introduced, and even double daylight savings, so that people could have more daylight in the evening hours to do things. So in the US and in various states, on the first Sunday in April, the clocks all move ahead an hour.

However, in Europe, all the clocks get moved ahead on the last Sunday in March.

So, why am I brining this up? Well, just at the railway made people aware of the changes in the time, now the internet makes me aware of the changes in time, espcially since I listen to the BBC, and now all their programs are running, to me, an hour later than usual. I’m missing my usual shows, because I am not getting up soon enough.

Fortunetly, it will all be righted in a weeks time. Phew.

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