Custom Widget for WordPress

I love working as a freelancer because people who ask me to design things have ideas that I would never have thought of. To me, working in WordPress is so cool because all the page formats look the same, but people used to web pages want to have each page look different. I had a client that wanted a different graphic in the header of each page, and I had to change the code to do that.

This time, it was having a different sidebar for each page. I was talking to the client, via skype, and she noticed the pause in my voice when she told me what I wanted. “Is that going to be a problem?” she asked. “I’ll have to look to see how to do it.”

And this is true. It isn’t just me. Someone else has usually solved the problem before me, in WordPress, which is why I love using it. And sure enough, after Googling it a little, and reading responses, I settled on “Custom Widgets”, and it worked a charm. I love it. And it solved the problem I was trying to solve by reworking the code.

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