Critical of others as we should be of ourselves

I suppose this is just another advice for freelancers type of posting, but I was noticing how annoyed t was about a new site redesign that was done by an agency for one of my clients. I kept finding errors, and wondering how they slipped through with all the reviews that happen, and then I had to stop and think about errors that I have made. Yes, I am not perfect, though I would love to be. I try very hard to give my clients exactly what they need, and want, and should have.

I have a sign that I made for my office, based on the advice of a colleague of mine who had been doing freelance years before I started. She has always been my mentor, and she has always had good advice. So, I made a sign, based on her words "Be Above Reproach. Everything is a big deal. Run spell check every time. Do not turn in anything that is less then perfect."

About a week after I had put the sign up in my office, someone pointed out that it should be "..that is less than perfect."

So, even making a sign to be perfect was not perfect.

And as for the site? They worked with what they had. When people redesign things they don’t have the background, the love, the knowledge of the site, the history. They put in what they have, and move on to the next design. This is why my client uses me, after the design is done, to clean up, and run the site as it should be run.

And to fix the mistakes that have slipped through.

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