Creativity, how much do you give the client?

I know this is an odd question. Of course one should pour out as much creativity as possible when designing for a client, but what if they are the ‘quick and dirty” kind. The kind of client that really doesn’t, in the long run, care how it looks, because they are on a tight deadline.

I run into this from time to time, and sometimes i go brain dead, trying to just regurgitate what they are expecting, and  is no joy in that. I was working on something like that today. There was a certain look and feel being asked for, but I didn’t want to give them what they expected to get. I wanted to give them something better. So I fooled around until I was happy with the outcome, still meeting the deadline.

So what is the answer? It is always better to be creative, even if you have a tight deadline. But it isn’t always possible, so do you best, and meet the deadline.

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