Creating images for iPhone Apps (and the wonders of Smart Objects)

I’ve written several times on this, as I do each image, and I have come to the conclusion that my first instinct is probably correct, that it is easiest to draw in illustrator. I have followed blogs all over, saying that Fireworks is best, but I find it kind of hard to work in, for objects, where as Illustrator is what I have always drawn in. Heck, I’ve been drawing with it since it was Illustrator 88.

When I mentioned this to the person I am working on apps with, he asked why? Why draw with that? He could not see the use of it, since he has been drawing with Fireworks and find it to be just the thing to work with, and perhaps, in time, I will to, but here is the thing I like the most. When I copy and paste into Photoshop, I can do so as a smart objects. The cool thing about smart objects is that they can be resized smaller and larger. So I can paste into the 57×57 form, get the icon looking exactly the way I want it (I’ve been doing this by copying in layers, rather than grabbing the whole image from illustrator). Once I have it the way I want it, all I have to do is resize, and because it is done in smart objects, the images resizes too and is clear and crisp.

Now I just have to get my developer to approve the design, and I am all set.

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