Corbis and other photo places

Corbis is owned by Bill Gates. There I thought I would get that off my chest right away. You might also notice that think link, at least for the month of April, takes you to a page that lets you know if you use the site, you can win an Apple G5. That’s ok. The more G5s out there the better. According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, Corbis, which as been around since 1989, hasn’t made a profit. And yet, it has the largest selection of photos in the word, including the “Bettman Archives, which it purchased in 1995. Seems just like Bill Gates to not make a profit in order to drive others out of business. It is also following the practice of protecting it’s property, apparently searching for illegal uses of it’s images, so don’t try to get away with that one, and you know who you are out there. [As a side note, I was working on a client's site and found an image with the copyright watermark still imbedded in the image. ]

But this isn’t my point. I guess. The point I wanted to make was there are a lot of websites of stock photography out there, yet most lay people have heard of Corbis.

I don’t use Corbis. Back in the old days I used to use PhotoDisc. As I’ve said before, Photodisc has been used to death. And now it is owned by Getty. Getty also purchased Comstock images, Digital Vision and Taxi.

There are other choices out there, and they don’t scream that you went out and downloaded the same photo that everyone else is using, as an article in the May How pointed out.

What are they? Well there is Veer, which is a trifle on the expensive side, but, my gosh, you don’t see their images all over the place. PunchStock also had some good photos that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

And while I was going through the ads in the recent How I came across StockLayouts, for the truly lazy, I guess. They not only come in Quark, InDesign, PageMaker, Illustrator or Microsoft Publisher. (Although I wonder how many designers really would want it in Illustrator). Apparently, you can also buy it with the images. Personally, I find the designing the most fun part of the project, so I would had to spend $US 149 on a template, but who knows, perhaps others cringe at this sort of thing.

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