Cool tools for the web II

Drop down menus, and other things II

Last week, I wrote about a place to get drop down menus. On this same subject, I’m going to mention another company that has some nice code for menus. OpenCube.

This site is a bit more pricey than some of the others I’ve named, but the menus do tricks I have not seen elsewhere. This site claims that a lot of bit companies use them, so perhaps that is the market they are aimed at. Their clients include DirecTv, Kellogg’s, Gateway, Best Buy and CompUSA.

Best of all, these menus have been tested and work in Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, Opera, Konqueror, both MS and Apple operating systems.

In wandering out Google, looking for other companies that had similar offers (this one had been recommenced on a list), I came across a site that sold drop down menus already incorporated into the design of the site. You could buy the whole website design, with the drop down menus thrown in. This was found at AllwebcoDesign. I also came across a site that sold drop down menus that do tricks. Something I would not want from a website. However, here is the site in case you want to have menus that blur and spin and do other odd tricks: Apycom Software. This, to me, is a little like the blinking words that were so popular for a while on badly designed websites.

I think I will stick with the drop-down menus that I’ve been using, thank you.

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