Cool tools for Macs I

I always love finding tools to make building anything more easily, be it web site, or printed material. So, I was pleased to find two sites, recently, that do just that. I’ll talk about the other one in tomorrows blog, because these sites are filled to the brim with cool stuff.

First let me say that these companies I’m mentioning here are not the big ones. But sometimes big companies are too slow and don’t get off the mark all that fast, or aren’t as innovative. Sometimes it’s the little fast one that catch your attention as the race by. For those who have used products from A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc, you know well that their little add-ons make all the difference to the program you are using.

The first is Stone Design. This company is a developer of Mac OS X Software. The software isn’t freeware, but very inexpensive software you can use if you can’t afford the popular one. For example:

  • Slice and Dice: This program does cuts up graphics so they can be used on a website, something that more expensive programs such as Photoshop and Fireworks do so well, but at a much lower price.
  • PhotoToWeb: Another program that does what Photoshop does so well. This one takes photos and converts to work well on the web, hence the name.
  • PacUp&Go: For those who don’t want to spend money on Stuffit, here is a compression program which sounds as though it isn’t so much for stuffing and sending to other people, as to just get it stuffed up and put away, for archiving.
  • StampInStone: actually does something that other programs don’t do. It put a watermark into your PDF file.

There are more, but you can check them out. It’s nice that there are still places like Mom and Pop stores bringing out programs for the Mac that are cool, and not too expensive.

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