Converting InDesign to Word

The is probably not something a lot of people have to do, but thought I should write about it, since I have had to do it twice over the past month, and was frustrated in the process, so here goes.

You can’t.

There, that is the answer. You can’t directly convert InDesign into Word. It doesn’t work that way. However, fear not, you can easily convert it into a PDF, and from a PDF, you can export it into Word. PDFs, if done right, are great for this. Of course, you know you can open PDFs in Illustrator, and you can sort of convert them into HTML (although not very good, at least you can grab the graphics and the text out, so that part is good.

The problem with converting into word, is that things aren’t always set up to do much more with the word. I discovered this the last time I converted this way. I had to spend about another hour moving things around so that the word file was a) something that looked close to what the client’s InDesign file looked like and b) was something they could work with if they wanted to make changes, which was actually the whole reason that this procedure was requested.

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