Comments as spam

Used to be I would get real people leaving comments, now it is just spam. Nice comments, but with links to porn sits, so they can get rankings. At first I didn’t realize what was happening. I thought, oh great, look at all these people who are leaving so many nice comments about the site. But then I started noticing they were always about one page of the blog, one where I had mentioned some interesting websites. And, I guess the names sort of gave it away, Hillary, Bush, Clinton, stuff like that. Sometimes the comments weren’t even full comments either, they would be part of sentence, which got cut off. But of course, the porn link would still be there. Hidden under several redirects.

How sad that now I have to review all comments before they go live, instead of going to my blog and being greeted with real people saying real things about my site.

This is why a lot of blogs do this now. Some do it invisibly, some make you do a CAPTCHA (answering a question that a machine couldn’t see), and others keep your comment stored until later.

Spam, destroys everything, from email to blogs to voicemail.

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