Comments are cool

One of the nice things I have discovered while blogging is comments. Of course, I had to put a moderator on comments when I started getting spam ones, but the ones I do get now are quite cool, and relevant to what I am blogging about. Just last week, when I talked about YouSentIt, a rep wrote in a comment. Granted, it was a marketing type comment, but it was cool that anyone from the company noticed what I had written. Likewise when I wrote about and about Coffee Break Spanish, I got comments back from those involved.

It would have been nice if I had heard from Hulu, but I didn’t. Instead I heard from someone who was using it wans was happy, which wasn’t quite my point.

So what I am saying is, it is quality not quantity that makes for good web comments, and I’m glad of those I have gotten. It feels as though someone out there is listening to what I have to say, at least a little.

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