COBRA and Domestic Partners

Health care is a big deal if you are self-employed as I am, and for the last few years I have not had to worry about it, because my partner had healthcare through her job, and so, as a legally registered domestic partner, I and my daughter had health care too. Good times, as they say.

But when my partner lost her job, there went my healthcare. It is actually due to turn into COBRA April 1st, tomorrow, and I was so happy when I saw the Obama had lowered the rate to only 30 percent. This we would be able to afford, or so I thought.

But, he did not include domestic partners. We  still have to pay the full rate. A friend said, but you are still domestic partners, aren't you covered? Only by the state. The feds still consider us to be room mates. Obama could have included domestic partners, but chose not to, thus helping only those legally married unemployed people.  So much for equal under the law, which we certainly are not. 

So, while this will work out for my partner, at least until the cost goes back up again in November (why it runs out so soon, I  don't know), it will not work out for me. In the meantime, i will go on the cheapest insurance I can find, as I don't look forward to paying $500 for my own insurance, as nice as it may be, and totally un tax deductible, because it isn't my COBRA.

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