Client meetings

I’m in a client meeting right now.

Well, no, not really. I don’t really blog while I am in meetings. Rather, I am waiting for a client meeting to start. The thing I hate about client meetings is the before and after. I hate taking time out of my day to go to them, and I hate waiting around for them to begin, and finally I hate trying to get back into my work mode after going to the meeting.

The meetings themselves are fine. In fact, I love the meetings. I love learning about the client, thinking up new things, getting my creative juices flowing. I love trying out ideas. I love the idea that something is being created. In fact, sometimes I am so stoked I can’t wait to begin, and in the drive back to my office, all I can think about is how cool this particular project is going to be, how it will look so good in my portfolio, and how the client is just going to love it to bits.

So, it isn’t the meeting itself. No. It’s all the other stuff that gets me down.

But, at least I have access to a computer, and at least I can write in my blog. I suppose that makes things different from the old days when I used to go to client meetings, and wait around, and have no access to the outside world.

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