CES vs MacWorld

Actually, it wasn’t until last year that I even noticed what was at the Consumer Electronics Show. I believe that was because I had clients going to it. In fact, this year, I have at least two clients going to it, and asking for last minute things.

But, watching what comes out of CES is a lot of fun too (besides the work of getting ready for it), and I’ve been following reports on what is going on, but what I am really waiting for is MacWorld. I have always waiting to see what was at MacWorld. I used to find time to go up to it, before I got so busy that I have trouble getting out of the office for a whole day in San Francisco. It is great fun, and seeing all the new Apple products is a great way to burn a whole in your pocket. And, while  announcements were always made at MacWorld, it appears to be the major time for Apple to say what is coming up next. In fact, there is a website where you can make up predictions for what Steve is going to announce, as well, as on Cult of Mac, a bingo card.

So, I will watch for CES announcemnts, but really keep my eyes peeled for what comes out of MacWorld.

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