Cell phones and you

A friend of mine had an interview over at a company that did nothing, as far as she could tell, but make ringers and screens for cell phones. She doesn’t own a cell phone, and finds it odd that anyone would want these features. But as someone who now not only has one, but two phones (the second one for my daughter), I find that it is kind of cool to have different rings for each person who calls you (so you know whether it is important to answer the phone, or let it go to voice mail, or even if it is your phone that is ringing. I was having lunch and kept hearing a ring that I used to use beside me, and had to keep saying to myself that I had changed the ring, and it must be someone else, and so it was.

And now? Now there is Wildseed that is offering phones that can take "skins" for your cell phone to change the outside and inside at the same time. So, if you chose the French kitty, you will get a new ring tone and video clips and all. The skins actually come from SmartSkins. It’s a little confusing, but apparently you buy the phone and then get the skins.

The phones, which are called "Identity" are quite cool. They don’t look like regular cell phones. The come with a built in radio, a camera and, depending on which skin they are wearing, built in games. Apparently you can listen to the radio, talk on the phone and send text messages all at the same time. I guess people want to do that. Me, I just want to talk on the phone or listen to the radio. But, it looks like I’m not quite the market people are looking for. How odd to not be in the demographics, but I suppose, as I get older, I should get used to it.

The phones aren’t available all over the US (well, not in the S.F. Bay Area yet), but will be soon. I still have a year on my cell plan anyone, but who knows what they will come up with in a year.

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