Can we work without being connected to the Internet?

I have heard arguments, of late, that people don’t want to get a netbook, or don’t want to do cloud computing, because that would mean they would have to be linked to the internet, and they didn’t want to have to be, all the time.

How nice, that there are people out there that think they can get their work done without having to be connected, but I can’t. It used to be that having a laptop, when the power went out, was enough, but it isn’t anymore. I need the lap top, but I also need some kind of internet connection, or I can’t get any of my work done. I certainly can’t work on websites, and even my print files still have to be emailed to the client for approval.

Oh, yes, before the internet was big, I did without it. I used the fax, and I made phone calls, and couriers, and fedex, but people won’t put up with that.

And I am well aware of it too. I am always ready to pack up and go to a wifi spot when the power fails. I even went out in a snow storm (well, a storm for these parts) once the roads were open, so that I could get a clients documents to them.

So, don’t let having to have an internet connection stop you from getting a netbook, come up with a better answer than that.

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