Buying options for Mac Stuff

So, as I mentioned in an entry about a week or so ago, the Apple store is taking over the little independent Mac Stores. What do you do if you don’t have an Apple store near by (or if you do?)

As you may have noticed in yesterday’s entry, I kept sighting MacZone. There is a good reason for that. I tend to buy a lot from them. I also buy from
MacMall, and MacConnection, (which I’ve been using since I got the Mac, as it was the only one selling stuff for the Mac).

All of the above stores are pretty much the same. Some are a few dollars more, on some products, a few a little less on others. Sometimes they have great bundles. I tend to buy all my Adobe software through Adobe, because their prices are that far off the above stores.

Or, I just wait until I go to something like MacExpo, and buy stuff with all the show specials.

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