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If you have a PC, you are probably quite happy to use Internet Explorer. It is so integrated into windows, you might not even think of using anything else. In fact, according to an articles in the San Jose Mercury News, some sites simply don’t work with anything but Internet Explorer.

This is all well and good, but for the Mac, we have been shut out from any more advances in Internet Explorer. Microsoft has stopped upgrading for the Mac, so we are eternally set in version 5. However, if you have System 10, you have Safari, and after working with System 10 and Safari for nearly a year, I haven’t found anything that is different or worse than IE. In fact, it is, in some ways, a lot better. Often I have found that it renders better than IE on the Mac, and is closer to what people in the PC world are looking at. In fact, Safari is so cool, Microsoft just threw up its hands and abandoned the Mac community.

And then there is Opera,
which has a new version for the Mac. I like Opera. I have it on my lone Wintell machine, and now I have it in System 10 on my Mac. It appears to render pages without too much mishap, and I jump around in it. It has some features of the two other browsers have, and I am still trying to figure them out. Like Safari, you can tab pages, but apparently you can also assign mouse gestures to what you want to do. Read the Mercury article about for all the cool features.

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  • Robert H Says:

    There is also Mozilla Firefox, which is available for Mac platforms in addition to Windows and Linux. I’ve used it (and its predecessor “Firebird”) on Windows machines for quite some time, and started using it on Mac recently in place of Safari. I have found it to be the quickest browser out there, and because it’s open-source, it’s a free download. You should give it a shot! Opera is quick as well, but you have to pay for it, and it loads the HTML before the CSS or images, so you’re stuck with a pretty ugly site until the other parts have time to load into your cache. Mozilla is putting out some great stuff – definitely worth a look!

  • John Says:

    Check out current Firefox & OmniWeb betas especially the latter; if all goes as they plan then it’ll be up there with Safari.
    One problem with Safari is accessing banking accounts online. It’s one of the reasons I still stick with IE for donkey work as it has never given a problem with banking access.

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