Browsers for the Mac V

First, let me sing the praises of FireFox one more time. I have had a Verizon account since October, and even though I was told that I could access it online, I tried and tried and go no where, until I tried it in FireFox. Worked the first time. Whew.

And, guess what, there is a new version of FireFox out. Very cool. But it wasn’t a major upgrade for the Mac, the way it was for other platforms. I didn’t notice many changes, although there are in the other versions, but what I did notice when I was on the site was something called Camino, also from Mozilla, and unlike FireFox, Camino is only for the Mac. It appears to be just as quick, has the same wonderful download speed, and I can see features that I don’t see anywhere but the PC, just like in FireFox. I am very happy. I will see if I will stay with this or the other, but I only use Explorer when I am forced to by Eudora. (Perhaps someone can tell me how to get Eudora to go to another browser when you double click a link. I’m sure I’m just missing something.)

Already I am finding things about Camino that make me even happier with it than FireFox, though I would still recommend FireFox to the rest of the non-Mac world. Be warned that this is still a beta, and might crash on you.

Of course, if I only talk about one browser, I’m not doing a great service, so here is another place to find browsers, older browser that aren’t up any more (this is for PC and well as Mac, but it doesn’t say so on the site. I guess you just have to know

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