Browsers for the Mac IV

Sometimes, as a Mac user, I feel very left out in the cold. Fortunately, because of firefox, I’m not so much out in the cold, because I can now see things that PC users can see.

This came up recently when someone on one of the lists I’m on, pointed out an article against web standards. I went there, and found that there was something wrong with the way the page laid out. That couldn’t be right.


So I took a look at it in FireFox, and was able to read it. Ha, so we don’t need web standards, do we?


The other thing I have noticed in FireFox is that I can see things I can’t see in any other browser for the Mac. I wouldn’t even know they existed, if I didn’t have it. Here, for example, is how the window for entering text in TypePad looks in Internet Explorer.


Notice that the view in FireFox, below, shows more menu choices.


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