Browsers for the Mac III

Since I started using FireFox because someone read my blog and recommended it, I have found I am using it more and more, and suggesting it to my clients as well. I just turned on a Windows XP user, and the first words she said, once she downloaded and installed it was “It’s so fast!”. How true. Not only that, but I can see things in FireFox that I can’t see in other browsers, and I have tried so many others. In fact, I can see little icons that have appeared, up until now, only on my wintel machine.

And yet, and yet, there are still people out there that insist on making websites that can only be accessed by M$ Explorer 6.0 and beyond, leaving all us Mac users in the dust. Are the features that wonderful that

I am not the only annoyed

So is Kathy Gill. She wrote about her frustration both on the DigitalEve Seattle List (where I saw her post) as well as in her blog. My gosh. I have been through what she has been through, so many times. It is is frustrating to see that we, as Mac users, have been left in the dust, with no options. We can’t freaking upgrade out IE browser.

I suppose we shouldn’t complain too loud, or M$ will stop upgrading Word for us too. (Although I see by this link we have at least one more update. :)

On a side note, I notice that a lot of people are calling FireFox, FoxFire, which I admit rolls off the tongue more easily, but the latter is not the right name. If you do a search of Google, you will find it is the name of a movie, a community, a golf course, etc. However, if you do a search for FireFox, you will find the browser.

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