Browsers for the Mac II-FireFox

Rober H commented on my list of Browsers and claimed that FireFox was the fastest loading browser. Now I’ve heard that so many times before, I should be collecting money for it, but what the heck, I thought I would give it a try.

My reaction? Wow. It does load quickly.

The only problem it doesn’t solve is that, as a Mac person, I can’t use or get a copy of Internet Explorer 6.0 (Microsoft threw up it’s hands and decided to stop at 5). This wouldn’t be a problem, except with sites such as this one for a singer that wanted to be promoted on my radio show. Doesn’t look like I’ll be promoting her anytime soon, since I can’t see her blasted site. On the mac, it looks like this:

even in FireFox.

This is what it says at the bottom of the site: “The SoulVersive Productions website requires a browser enhanced with Internet Explorer 6 or higher & Macromedia Flash Player.
Visitors without the Flash Player installed within their browser may now choose to install the most current version for free from the Macromedia website.

Very annoying. I guess they don’t care about the 5% or so of the population that don’t want to or can’t use IE 6. :(

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