Blaming those who aren’t there

When I used to work in an office, we would bring in people to help from time to time. We brought in one person who was supposed to just do production work for the art department. Instead, he decided to redo the crude network we had set up for ourselves. Granted, it was crude, but it did work. Apparently he did other weird stuff, and for a long time after that, we were able to blame him for our our ills.

This is a little like what is happening with a client of mine, who had their site redesigned.

Now, I often work on sites that were designed by others, and have to jump in with both feet to figure out how they work. I did work on such a site on Friday. Everyone does things a little differently, so no two are set up the same.

But the issue with the new design is that the agency took a good design, and make it hard to work with, at least in the background.

So, now, when things go wrong in the update, we can blame the designer, and it will be true.

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  • willethompson Says:

    Ah. Retrofitting the ‘other’ designer. And all you can think is, “What were they THINKING? Who would do it this way?” I once got a design to retrofit from a Chinese designer who did the whole page as a PhotoShop file, including type. And 1 pt borders.
    Jeez. 45 Mbs for a 4 Mb file.

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