Best Practices in running a business

What things should you do to keep the business you have, and make people happy in general? Spell check. I’ll say it again spell check. It would be good to have a second pair of eyes proofing as well. I have found that if I don’t spell check, there are sure to be errors. I may be a fast typist, but, even so, I make mistakes. And even when I do run spell check, well things fall through the cracks.

Funny story. I was told that there were four rules to live by in business. I was told this by a freelancer who had been very successful, so I wrote them down, and pinned them up on my wall. Here they are verbatim.

  • Be above reproach!

  • Everything is a big deal!
  • Run spell check every time!
  • Do not turn in anything that is less then perfect!

Have you spotted the error yet? I didn’t until a proofreader friend was in my office one day and said. “Oh, did you mean to do that?” “Do what, “I asked. I had used the wrong “then”. It should be “than”. Some sometimes even running spell check isn’t enough.

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